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zebeena menon


A Civil Engineer by profession and a passionate blogger,Zebeena comes with a load of energy and enthusiasm guiding others in their path to success.


In the year 2013,I came up with the idea of forming a Consultancy Service, which mainly focus on improving the happiness quotient of my clients by providing them ample resources to work on their personal development, healthy lifestyle and fitness, relationships, organizational capabilities as well as their emotional well-being.

That’s how, Resource Wagon was founded.

When you search on the internet, you would be overwhelmed by the vast amount of information on each and everything about lifestyle that you get a lost feeling, browsing from one page to the other. That’s how, I came up with the idea of this website which mainly focus on building self-esteem or confidence among individuals.


It is the self-esteem or the confidence that acts as the first stepping stone to success. A confident person defines success, which in turn defines a happier life.

With the word success, I do not wish to narrow it’s meaning. Success is a broad spectrum, where the degree is defined by the level of happiness it brings with it.

For a small kid, being able to impress his parents with his small achievements is great success, whereas for a businessman, the rising sales of his product defines success.In both the cases, what success brings with it is, “Happiness.”

So here, you’ll find ways to reach that Happiness Index, taking the route through Confidence and ultimate Success …

Happy Learning…!




“Empower every individual to embark on a journey of self-realization and embrace Confidence, Resilience, and a Happy Life!”

To make the world,a better place,where everyone is happy and confident.

Focus on individual,everyone is important