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10 ultimate habits of happy people you should master

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happiness is within you

Circumstances in life make one unhappy. However, when you start seeking the root cause of unhappiness, we get to know that, it is our behavior, thinking, and habits that contribute directly to our happiness.

Here are 10 ultimate habits of happy people, that you can adopt in your life today, that practiced over a while ends up making your life easier.

1. Perfectionism is ‘old-fashioned’: Yes, you got me right!.

There’s nothing wrong with being slightly imperfect.

‘Do not set the bar for your performance to unachievable levels. This often leads to ‘low-self-esteem ‘ and in turn for the feeling of unworthiness. People with low self-esteem undoubtedly feel awkward and incompetent. These feelings, when harbored over some time, slowly leads to anxiety and depression.

Habit to cultivate:

Go for the ‘Good Enough’ level!.

Yes.When the bars of your performance is lowered a bit and when you succeed in achieving those levels, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction as well as worthiness.

Anything achieved beyond that would make your happiness level shoot up.

I had always been a ‘perfectionist’.In hindsight, I believe this was one of the main reasons for my stress. I used to work on projects, fine-tuning them to have a perfect finish. That’s when I realized, what I conceive as a perfect project is in fact, much beyond what my clients expect.

So, once I lowered my expectation bar a little, my level of satisfaction raised.It made me a lot more happier.

2. Always choose a positive happiness circle.

Positive people let go of ideas, feelings, and values that are dragging them down. You need to identify who are the people who are making you happy. Positive people never have a bad day, they make each day a great day’.


When your circle is full of positive people, you naturally start feeling happy.

Habit to cultivate:

Stay away from those individuals, who are nagging, jealous, or trying to pull you down.

Be polite, but slowly move away from such people, so that their negativity cannot reach you. This is one of the important happiness habits,that goes a long way in life.

3. Never compare yourself with others. You are unique !.

One destructive habit that all human beings, You and I included, have is comparing ourselves with others. This will surely create a feeling of unworthiness.

Happiness Quotient

God has made every human being ‘UNIQUE’.We need to realize this. We need to identify our strengths. Once we know what our strength is, we stop comparing ourselves with others.

habit to cultivate:

Be your own ‘Role Model’.

Cultivate the habit of comparing yourself to yourself, identifying, and appreciating your strength and building self-confidence.

4. Live in the present.

Reliving the past with old memories, missed opportunities, etc could bring a whole world down. As someone who truly said “Your past has given you the strength and wisdom, that you have today. So celebrate it, but never let it haunt you’.

You should understand that the ‘future’ has not arrived.The future should be your motivation to go ahead.

The best way to take care of your future is to take care of your present. If you are living in the present, you find inner peace.

Habit to cultivate:

Cherish the present

Of course, it is very important to plan for your future and to learn from your past. But those thoughts should not steal you, your ‘PRESENT’.So, whatever you are doing right now, just be there and give your 100%. Never let yourself drift off to your past or future if those feelings are making you anxious or depressed.

5. Express gratitude and feel gaiety.

Always be grateful

Life is a journey of so many ups and downs. So what is that ‘one ‘ habit that you think, is defining a person as happy or unhappy.

It is ‘gratitude’.If you analyze any happy and content person, you’ll notice that they nurture and cultivate this habit of ‘expressing gratitude’.

Even if you are having a bad day, you have enough and more things today, to express gratitude for.

If you are reading this content, given the present pandemic conditions of COVID, you need to be grateful for being alive and breathing!!

Habit to cultivate:

Maintain a gratitude journal.

Make it a point to fill it each day without fail, and see how you realize that you have enough things to feel grateful for.

6. When your inner doubts rise, say ‘STOP’

Never live a life of self-doubt. Affirm daily that ‘I’m the best’.

happiness habit

Your subconscious mind takes all the impressions that you are feeding it through your thoughts. So when you are feeding it with positive self -affirming thoughts, over a while, it becomes your confidence. Your confidence level is directly proportional to your happiness levels.

Habit to cultivate:

Whenever you feel doubtful about yourself, say ‘STOP’.

Do not harbor any such thoughts. Reverse it immediately with a positive thought

7. Start maintaining a ‘positive/contenment journal’ of your life.

What is a positivity journal??

Its nothing but a simple journal that you maintain, which is filled with just positive thoughts and expressions.

In today’s world, where depression and anxiety are affecting teenagers as well as youngsters, many psychologists advise maintaining a ‘positivity journal’ as part of their therapy.

You can read more about this here:-83 benefits of journaling for depression,anxiety and stress.

Habit to cultivate:

Write down all positive thoughts that flash through your mind every single day.

So, on days, when you are feeling a bit low or so, just go through these pages and it brings a sense of optimistic feeling to the mind and makes you happy.

Slowly, you’ll learn to balance your negativity through thoughts of positivity.

8. Learn to accept setbacks and start moving on:

Instead of hanging on to ideas and beliefs that are no longer healthy to you, you should learn to accept the setbacks in life. You should see, what lessons those setbacks brought with it, learn from them and move on.

Habit to cultivate:

Accept the fact that everything in life happens for a reason.

Acceptance brings a sense of inspiration to move forward

9. Do something to lift your spirits:

Do something daily, that lifts your spirits. Be it listening to music, reading a good book, watching your favorite series on TV, spend time doing something that makes you feel satisfied.

happiness listening to music

How much ever tiring a day is, I spend some time daily, listening to my favorite songs.This lifts my spirits

Habit to cultivate:

Have a ‘ME’ time daily, doing what you love to do the most.

Be it 10 minutes or 30 minutes, but do spend time with yourself!

10. Start taking baby steps, so that you don’t end up procrastinating:

Procrastination is a trap that every one of us falls into at some stage in life.


At this point, I want you to understand that procrastination is NOT laziness.

Often, it is misunderstood as laziness to take up an important task. You prefer doing something else instead of taking action on what you need to do.

Habit to cultivate:

Promise yourself a reward, which will keep you motivated to complete the task.

Identify the reason, why you are procrastinating. Start taking baby steps, so that you’ll create a sense of priority on what needs to be done.


Here’s the bottom line.

By starting to practice at least a few of the above-mentioned habits, you’ll find that your happiness quotient is on a rise. Therefore, try learning one habit per week, so that it becomes reinforced when you are trying out the next one.

Experts say that it takes a minimum of 21 days for our brain to recognize a habit and perform it involuntarily. For this reason, why not start today, and learn a habit? Believe me, these happiness habits work wonders when you start practicing them.

And, do let me know, how you feel making some conscious changes to improve your happiness quotient.


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