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9 self-confidence boosting resources

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Have you ever been awe-struck by someone, who enters the meeting room, walking tall, showing authority, brimming with self-confidence??

I bet, every one of us would have been inspired by that ‘particular’ someone, who, in our view is a perfect example of an awesome individual who exhibits self-confidence. Everyone admires a self-confident person. We envy them!!

What is self-confidence?

self confidence

Moving on,how do you define ‘self-confidence’??

From a broader perspective, self-confidence is the self-assurance of one’s ability or power. It is often used interchangeably with the term self-esteem.

In my perspective self-confidence is a state of mind, where you believe that your judgement or your course of action is the best. Besides, it is ‘that’ positive feeling of trusting yourself.

self confidence, believe

So, what is that ‘one factor’ that marks the difference between ‘being confident’ or ‘diffident’??

I want you to understand that,’IT IS THE FEAR OF FAILURE’.

Yes!!, a self-confident man takes the risk and is prepared to move on in case he fails, whereas, someone who is low on confidence would never even attempt to take the risk.

The question here is-“how do you overcome this ‘FEAR OF FAILURE’??”.Is it possible??

It is ‘POSSIBLE’.By working on ways to improve your self-confidence,you ultimately overcome the ‘fear of failure’.

Overcome the ‘FEAR of failure’, boost your self-confidence

It is really hard for people with low self-confidence to come out of their comfort zone,push the limits and break the mould.

Yet, where there’s a will, there’s a way, too. It’s up to you to get into that mental frame and win your war against the fear.

While it may seem like an uphill task, it is certainly possible to make small changes and boost your ‘self-confidence’.

As our company’s tagline goes,’It’s all about YOU,the resource is within YOU’.

self-confidence, trust

YOU can be that ‘particular’ someone who brims with confidence.

YOU can be that person,who inspires others.

YOU can be that person,who is worthy of respect!!

YOU can be all the above,by taking the right action to achieve your self-confidence.

Take action now.

Below, I’m giving a few of my favorite tips which when practiced over time, will bring a ‘Sea of Change’ in you. Practice them all, or practice those which appeal to you. Definitely, it will show results

1. Groom yourself, dress nicely, take care of your body, exercise:


First and foremost, this is one step that boosts your self-confidence instantly. When you look good, you certainly feel good. This factor happens vice-versa as well. In other words, when you feel good, you naturally, look good.

That makes it very important for us to take care of our selves first. We need to take care of our bodies. Exercise daily, so that you feel energetic. Groom yourself. A shower and a shave, properly manicured nails, nicely done hair all contribute to your self-confidence.

The same can be said about dressing up. If you look presentable, half the image creation is done. Dressing nicely does not mean you need to go for designer suits or loads of makeup. Wear something, neatly ironed, presentable and you are comfortable on.

2. Understand your strength and identify your weaknesses:

Every individual is unique.

While you may not be good at cracking jokes and entertaining others,you may be a good listener,or a motivator.

Understand and appreciate your positive qualities and work on your negatives.Get inspiration from others.Observe others who inspire you,learn from them.

3. Practice projecting a positive ‘picture perfect’ of yourself daily :


Stand in front of the mirror and visualize a perfect picture of who you want to be. Repeat affirmations. Affirmations create a mould in your subconscious mind and influence your thoughts.

When you refer to Sri Buddha’s teachings and ideologies, you’ll learn that the quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.

As per the Hindu religion,purity of thoughts leads to purity of speech and action.

4. Prepare for rejection mentally :

Accept challenges,take it in to your stride,learn and move on.

If you walk away from accepting the challenges,you would never get over the fear of failure.Take challenges in your stride.

Prepare well and give your 100% at whatever you are doing. But be ready to accept rejection as well. Beat the feeling of rejection, by optimizing your positive thoughts.

5. assertiveness is counted, but not aggressiveness :


Being assertive means being able to stand up for your rights in a positive way.

Assertive individuals can drive their point across without upsetting anyone. Assertiveness makes you responsible and able to delegate to others.

On the other hand,aggressiveness usually portrays bad interpersonal skills and cause stress to others.

6. Pause, think, and then speak :

speak slowly

This may sound absurd. But believe me, it works.

It creates a huge impact on how other people perceive you. Have you ever observed any individual, in authority, speak?? He would speak slowly, but clearly. That shows his authority, his self-confidence.

Try it out a few times.

Believe me,it will make you feel confident.But yes,do not overdo it.

7. Mind your body language :

business, self-confidence

What is that one thing that you notice when you meet someone for the first time? His posture, his body language?

Your body language makes the first impression about you.

Correct your posture, walk with a steady and erect gait, stand tall, sit erect…

Yes, posture does influence your self-confidence.

8. Focus on finding solutions for your problems :


If you focus on problems rather than on solutions, you will never accomplish anything.

Shifting your focus on finding solutions for your complaints, would be a big step in boosting your self-confidence.

9. Smile often :


Last,but not the least,’Smile’ often.

Enough studies have done on the effect of a smile on mental health. Each time you smile, you are igniting the feel-good hormones.

Go back to #1,

when you feel good, you look good. When you look good, naturally you feel confident.

Beauty is not in your appearance or look, you look beautiful when you have a great smile.

Therefore,paste a smile on your face always.

Conclusion :

Even though most people think that self-confidence and self-esteem are few traits directly linked to your genetics, studies have shown that these personality traits can be mastered. Lack of self-confidence should never hold you back from chasing your dreams.

Overcome your fear of failure, by mastering these traits.

And do let me know, how it helped you in improving your self-confidence.

Cheers to a confident ‘YOU’.

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