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Start a blog and make money online

So,you finally decided to start a blog and make money online.Great step!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.!

But something is holding you back.Did I get it right??

You don’t know how and where to start. Perhaps, you are a bit overwhelmed listening to the ‘ n’ number of youtube videos on ‘How to start a blog and Make Money Online’.

Else you are getting confused reading the vast number of posts on starting a blog.

Don’t worry,you are in the right place.

In this post,I will guide you on ‘ how to start a blog’ on WordPress.

notebook, write, notes


But before that,just take a pen and paper and answer a few questions.

Why do you want to start a Blog?

  • You love writing:- You love writing about anything and everything, right from what you had for breakfast to writing about how you went on an adventure hike during your last vacation.
  • You love learning about new things:-Yes, blogging involves learning so many things, on and off. But then, learning is a continuous process.
  • You dream of working from home:-For many people, this is the main reason for getting into blogging. You could be a working mom trying to figure out on earning some additional income or you are bored with your 9-5 job, that you wish to be your own ‘boss’.
  • You want to make money:-Well, no need to be ashamed of admitting it. Whether you want to do blogging as a source of passive income or you want to take it as a full-time job and live the ‘laptop lifestyle’, it’s a perfect choice.

If the answer to all the above questions (or atleast one of them) is ‘YES’,then stick with me,

you are going to learn ‘how to start a blog’ today!!

To get your blogging platform up and running,first thing that you need to visualize is your ‘Niche’.

What do you mean by ‘Niche’?

Simply put,’niche’ is the ‘specific area of marketing which has it’s own requirements,customers and products.

In other words, it is the topic on which you are going to base your blog on.The important thing to decide here is your ‘audience’ or the readers who are going to benefit from your blog.


Who are you going to address with your blog posts?

How are you going to help them with your blog??

What particular struggle have you gone through and came out successful that you could help someone else in the same manner?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the special skills that I have or which topics am I an expert on?
  • Which are the topics that I spend time reading on or I’m passionate about learning?
  • What are the topics on which your friends and family come to you for your ideas?

Once you identify your audience as well as your passion, you can narrow down on your niche and come up with specific topics to help your audience.

Once you have chosen a Blog niche where you are an expert in the field you will have no problem creating valuable content for your readers!

Now it’s time to bring your blog to life..

But how??

Step 1: Get a domain name and hosting

Let’s just dive into it….

How to start a blog and make money.

  1. Domain name and Hosting:-

Once these two aspects are ready,we are ready to launch our blog.

In general terms,

  • Your domain name is ‘’(it could be .com,.org,.xyz, etc but it’s easier to remember if it’s .com).
  • Hosting is the address where your blog lives.

These two things are necessary for your blog to be set up.

I have used for my domain and hosting.

With NameCheap, you can get the domain and host your site in a just few clicks. It even has one-click, WordPress Installation,best for a beginner.

WordPress will be your content management system.

I highly recommend using WordPress because of it’s ease of use.Namecheap also have hosting that comes with WordPress already installed for you.

So,now you have to go for a domain name for your blog.

A couple key ideas for you while choosing your domain.


If you are planning to build a personal brand, better go with your personal name as your domain, if it is available…

This gives you the flexibility in the future to incorporate different niches as you grow and evolve.

If your name isn’t available as a domain, choose a domain that still identify the spirit of the niche that you are going to base you blog upon.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind,while choosing your domain name.

  • Make it something that’s easy for people to remember and pronounce.
  • Do not make it too long.
  • Make sure to avoid hiphen ,underscore etc in between.
  • Stick with a .com domain,if possible.

Now,let’s first check the domain name availability.

Go to

start a blog,domain name,make money

In the search box,search for your domain name to see if it’s available. Available domain means that no one has purchased and registered that domain yet, so you can go ahead and purchase it.

Now, how much does it cost to host a blog?

This is the hosting packages available with have used their Stellar Packages for my niche sites.

Namecheap hosting,start a blog,make money

With Stellar Package, you get to host unlimited websites with that price.

Now isn’t it a real bargain?

Once you are done with the domain and hosting purchase, the details of which would be mailed to you by NameCheap, you are one step closer to your dream blog.

Now log in to your namecheap account.

 Once you are signed into your name cheap account navigate to your “domain list” where you will find your recently purchased domain. There select “manage” next to your domain name. Scroll down to the “name servers” section where there will likely be a dropdown reading “Namecheap BasicDNS”.

Make sure that it is pointing to the shared hosting that you purchased.

Namecheap,hosting,start a blog,make money

Your BLOG is live on the web now.

Step 2:-Installing WordPress.

Once your site is up, let’s move on to and get the core WordPress settings configured …

Once you click on the Domain List on your dash board,you will be taken to the cPanel or Control Panel.

start a blog,make money,cpanel

Below,you will be able to see the WordPress Icon.Click on it and you will be taken to the WordPress Installation board which is quick and easy

Once WordPress is installed,login to your WordPress dashboard.You may login to the WordPress dashboard by giving the URL

(Make sure you have noted down the WordPress admin username and Password correctly)

The WordPress dashboard looks like this.

start a blog,make money online,wordpress dahboard

Once you are inside the WordPress dashboard,it’s time to design the appearance of your blog.

Go to Appearance,select Theme Options.

start a blog,make money ,wordpress theme

Select the Theme of your choice.I have used the Astra Theme for my websites because of it’s ease of use.

Select your preferred Theme and import the site options as per your choice.

Now your website is ready with it’s professional appearance and look.

You may play around with it by adding the pages of your choice and providing details relevant to your business.

Make sure you have a Home Page,About Us Page and a Contact Page.

Customize your Home Page and About Us page by adding all relevant information pertaining to your business. Play around with your theme, appearance, menus, etc.

Why bloggers prefer WordPress is because of its ease of use. Anyone even without prior web designing experience can easily customize and publish their website with WordPress’s easy tutorials

Step 3 :- Create your first Blog Post

Now that you have learned how to start a blog and make money,it’s time for you to write your first blog post

Once your platform is ready,you are going to write your first blog post.

Go to WordPress dashboard and select Posts.

start a blog,make money,blog post

Go to Add New.

And voila…

Your Blog Post Editor is here…

start a blog,make money,blog editor

Add a Title to your Blog Post.

And start writing to your heart’s Content.

‘Content is the King’.Write extra-ordinary contents that would be helpful to your audience.

But remember,to do proper Keyword research for your content.

Lastly,keep SEO in mind,grab beautiful pictures from sites like Pixabay and make your blog shine.!!!


Whether you are an avid writer or you just someone who wants to earn a small income as a side hustle, blogging is absolutely a wonderful journey.

It’s a journey where you make mistakes, you explore, you learn a lot of things and all in all you are here to produce great ‘Content’.

Having enough content before you launch your blog is important to give a great reading experience to your audience.

Just imagine if you found a blog that only had 5 or 6 posts and you found their posts informative.  You probably would be interested in reading more but without more posts, there is a chance that can deter you from ever coming back to their blog.

So write great and uselful content for your readers.

In the end, creating a successful blog is about diligence and consistency. Keep posting helpful and engaging content for your readers, optimize it for SEO, and sharing it with your networks .

And then,you’ll soon see your new blog start to blossom.

Happy Blogging Days!!